The Monastery of the Holy Archangels is located in the canyon of Prizrenska Bistrica, three kilometers from Prizren. It was built between 1343 and 1352. It is an endowment of Emperor Dušan, built to be his tomb church and dedicated to Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

The decision to build the monastery was made by Tsar Dusan after the miraculous healing of his father, who has since been cured of malaria. At that time, he vowed to build a church dedicated to the Holy Archangels in Jerusalem, but bearing in mind that there is already a monastery dedicated to the Holy Archangels in Jerusalem, built by King Milutin, Tsar Dusan decided to build a church in Serbia.

In the Middle Ages, the monastery had a fraternity of over two hundred monks, and it was also a stage for important historical assemblies of the Serbian people. Within the monastery complex, there was a church, a large church of the Holy Archangels, a smaller church of St. Nicholas, monastery lodgings on several floors, a hospital, a library and a large dining room built in the shape of a cross.

The Holy Archangel Lavra was then called “the greatest architectural work made by a Serbian man”, and in terms of spiritual and artistic achievements it belongs to one of the most representative units of Serbian medieval art.

The monastery was known throughout Europe for its beauty and luxury. After the conquest of Prizren in 1455, the Turks destroyed the monastery. After that, it was deserted, and in the second half of the 16th century, it was completely destroyed.

Reconstruction began in 1995, but burned down after the terrorist actions of Albanians in 1999 and the March 2004 pogrom. Today, the monastery is under the protection of KFOR and in the phase of renovation.


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